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Author: Mike Kidd

Yahoo! Reveals New Logo: What We Noticed

After 18 years and 30 Days of Change, Yahoo! revealed its new logo last Thursday to represent a brand valued at $9.8 Billion going forward. Did anyone notice? Through the lens of disciplined branding best practices, I comment what we at KiddGlobal noticed and more importantly, what we didn’t.

Roll Out: Strong

I thought the “30 Days of Change” buildup campaign was a unique and clever way to effect change, involving users, testing attitudes, and creating much conversation, internally and externally.  My bet is that we will see that tactic and ...

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Yahoo!'s HUGE Branding Opportunity...Will They Succeed?

Author: Mike Kidd

The biggest move in branding currently is Yahoo!'s announced new logo initiative that they plan to unveil this Thursday, September 5th.

This is Huge! Yahoo!, founded almost 20 years ago, is one of the pioneers and first major brands of the Internet. Today the company has a market cap of $27.6 billion, more than 11,500 employees, and delivers content, advertising, and tools to over 700 million global users every day.

As such, for Yahoo! this new logo initiative represents not only an effort to “reflect its renewed spirit of purpose and innovation,” as stated by Yahoo! executives ...

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