Digital Media SME

Jay Kumar

Jay is a digital media pioneerIn 2001 he founded OutdoorsFan Media, which in a few years grew to a network of websites, events, a membership group and other media covering competitive outdoor sports. Its flagship property,, immediately got ink in USA Today and its statistical World Rankings were on ESPN's Sports Center within 24 hours of their debut.

OutdoorsFan Media grew to be the largest network of its kind in the world without any outside capital, and was sold in 2007 to NYC investment fund Intermedia Partners. In building that company, Jay had many digital firsts including:

  • Defining, redefining and creating new community-driven media niches.
  • Creating daily audiences and content.

During that period Jay also found time to co-host the weekly in-studio ESPN show Loudmouth Bass, and had a novel published by Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group. 

After selling OutdoorsFan Media, Jay's company Sasquatch Media focused on other enthusiast markets, building and selling other businesses, and establishing leading blogs in their spaces.

Recently, Jay returned to the outdoors market with a focus on pushed content, apps (web and data) and social media. Jay’s companies produce and monetize their own media, which include e-newsletters (email is still the No. 1 activity across all platforms) and unique web/native apps.

Jay manages all digital assets for selected client companies, and produces content (all forms) for companies of various sizes. Jay consults on and executes digital media, marketing and data analysis for companies ranging from small businesses to Novartis.

Jay is a graduate of Dartmouth College, a well-known outdoorsman, and former Division 1 soccer player.