KiddGlobal marketing and messaging experts work closely with our clients to develop and execute effective messaging strategies. The process starts with a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the client’s company, products, ethos, prospects, and customers, by taking a deep-dive exploration into all aspects of the business.

Then the challenge is to distill and simplify all of these factors into messaging that connects with the audience in a meaningful way. It’s a process of simplifying and shedding non-essentials. When this essential messaging is revealed, a company has full authority and confidence in their messaging and the marketing vehicles that they deploy. KiddGlobal's unique approach to helping clients master their messaging includes:

  • Review of current messaging and assessment of competitive landscape 
  • Stakeholder, customer, and prospect interviews
  • Messaging analytics, pattern recognition, and translating themes
  • Iteration review and validation
  • Execution across marketing assets and vehicles


Messaging Strategy Deliverables

When you engage with KiddGlobal, tangible deliverables can include:

  • Report of findings assessing current messaging strengths and opportunities
  • The primary company statement with accurate SEO keyword density, that should be used on your website’s home page, in your site's meta data, and on all press releases. This is a standard “boilerplate” description of your organization and its purpose
  • Positioning statement
  • Elevator pitch
  • Tagline
  • Go-forward themes for advertising and marketing vehicles
  • Recommended digital vehicles and media outlets to be used to disseminate your newly crafted messaging



Emotion drives the decision to buy any product or service. Logical assessment of features and functionality is certainly important to the decision-making process. However, logic does not usually trigger the buying decision, but rather serves to validate intuition and instinct. Buyers are people. And people make buying decisions based on whether they trust you, like you, and believe in you.

This being the case, companies are challenged with forging a visceral, emotional connection between their brand and the people to whom they offer their products and services. A company can have the most innovative idea in the world, but if it cannot get people excited about it, it doesn’t matter.

Thus, developing and executing messaging strategies across all marketing vehicles is mission-critical to maximizing sales and revenue-generating activities. To master their messaging, business leaders must honestly answer a number of important questions:

How can we craft messaging that aligns with our business drivers, articulates our value propositions, and resonates with our target audiences?
How can we simplify and amplify our messaging?
What are the risks associated with failing to influence buyers with “best guess” messaging across our marketing assets and investments including websites, social media, campaigns, product launches, and advertising?
What is the process for ensuring our messaging inspires people to buy from us, keep buying from us, applaud us, and recommend us?

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