Rich Martin, Senior Director

Merrill DataSite

"I have worked with Mike Kidd for more than four years and the experience has been excellent. Specifically Mike has worked with me to create and improve my organizations online presence.

The approach Mike uses to get me to fully consider my market, product line and goals and his ability to draw out information is exceptional: He has made me think in new ways about my business and how I accomplish my objectives.

The methods and techniques he uses to scope projects go far beyond simply creating a plan. By asking meaningful (and sometimes challenging) questions and actually listening – a rare skill these days it seems - Mike is able to make observations and connections that not only help him produce a better outcome, but also allow me to gain a deeper understanding of my business. Frankly, I would have been hard pressed to achieve the results I have without Mike’s input and advice.

Moreover, Mike has extremely solid marketing and business skills. Speaking with him on a regular basis about topics even beyond our formal project(s) has facilitated significant improvements in my marketing program overall. In short, Mike has helped me to achieve better results for my company and to become a better marketer personally.

I recommend Mike and his firm, KiddGlobal, without reservation. He is a creative thinker, an executor and a coach. Any individual, regardless of knowledge and experience level, would do well to work or interface with Mike – he performs at the highest level and will help you raise your game."